Ignited Minds: A review


I read this book on the sad and tragic event of the death of Dr. Kalam, one of the greatest and most respected sons of India. Within the pages of the book, I found a complete manifestation of the man himself, for the words were the undying and inexhaustible spirit of what Kalam was in real life. Within those words, I found the enthusiasm, the zeal, the passion and the vision that Kalam always talked about. Within those words, I found the pride, the fire, the wisdom, the responsibility of a true leader, a resolute patriot and a real teacher who has this unbounded faith in the potential of the country.

Kalam lived as he believed. Within Ignited Minds, he talks about his journeys, his adventures, his missions and his imaginations. He talks at length how he has complete confidence in the abilities of the people of India, he shares how with an unwavering focus and dedication, India can achieve the status of a superpower. He tells us how we can transform our advantage into our strength and how like an incense , we can remodel ourselves into a knowledge society and then spread our timeless wisdom to the world. Till his last breath, he was steadfast in his mission to encourage young minds of India to rise and shine and break the barriers of self-created obstacles to achieve their true destiny.

The book talks about many things. From his own convictions to his immediate experiences, Kalam filled in the pages what he observed and what he deduced. He expressed his sadness that inspite of being rich in natural and human resource we have yet not achieved what we deserve. Mired in religious, social, cultural  and economic conflicts, India is held back in imagining and realising a focused dream and goal. He beckons that until and unless we will think as a united  nation we will remain backward, exploited   and challenged.

The only drawback of the book was probably while describing his scientific missions, he goes into too much detail which is beyond comprehension, otherwise his unrelenting fervour oozes out from in between the lines and seepes into one’s self. Kalam in this book acts as a torch to ignite the minds of Indians, thus justifying the title. A ratna(gem) from the real Bharat Ratna.

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  1. Nice review. Gonna read this one now 🙂

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