Significance of the New Year!


Time again comes back a full circle, spirits are back on a roll and feet are tapping freely for its time for the New Year. Markets, shops, places, restaurants are all decked up with the excitement of bringing in the day of 1st January.

But, there is definitely a distinctive peculiarity about it. A sort of feeling of finishing something, leaving behind the mistakes and faults in veil of the year going by and starting afresh, looking forward, seeing the life with a new perspective. Of correcting the blunders, pulling up the socks and facing the challenges of life with a different yet stronger attitude and will. Seeing from a contrasting view, it might be just another day but it must be acknowledged without doubt that the day January 1st brings in a lot of emotions, an explosion of pent up feelings, of forgetting the time past and starting the journey of life on a new and fresh route.

Few days back I was thinking just what significance does the New Year holds? Why people attach so much importance to this day? Does it hold same importance to different people or different connotations to different sets of individuals? My search for the answers made me realize that for one thing New Year definitely holds a special place.

We all want to move on from our pasts, don’t we? We all commit mistakes, make blunders, do things which we want to hide under the carpet, say things which we should not have said. But doesn’t these mistakes, blunders, faults, omissions or misunderstandings essentially makes us human beings? Is it not that all these things actually defines life which is in reality full of imperfections, contradictions and conflicts? Well, may be we all understand it in our subconscious mind. We all know that behind that social visage of perfect, happy even splendid personalities, we all have weaknesses, vulnerability and flaws.

But nevertheless, it makes a fantastic reality that we all want improve. We all want be better human beings, we all want to give life our best shot. We all want to improvise on our relationships, our friendships, in our business dealings and the relation we hold with our work. Thats the other aspect of being a human being, the other side of the coin called life. And in this respect, deciding on a particular day to make a fresh start, to leave behind the negativities and bringing in the positivenesses doubtlessly makes sense. Although ideally we should no wait for any precise, singular or special day to begin with the good work yet the concept of the New Year in this respect is a brilliant idea.

It is imperative that we should all strive to be better. We should work hard to make each day worthier than the previous one. We should all work together make this society, this county and this world the best place in the creation of God. Wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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  1. Mohit chadha says:

    Gr8 thougt mayank..

  2. Deepti Chawla says:

    Nice words..

  3. Divakar Goyal says:

    gud one mayank

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